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 Regarding Raghavan Iyer's HERMES writings

There are those Theosophists (primarily in the United Lodge of Theosophists) who dispute the authenticity of some of Raghavan Iyer's writings published as "Lead Articles" in his Magazine, HERMES -- they believe (quite mistakenly) that many of the articles published in HERMES over Raghavan Iyer's name were written not by Prof. Iyer, but rather by a student who helped to transcribe tape recordings of his extemporaneous talks to paper. Most of the "Lead Articles" were near-verbatim transcriptions of talks given by Iyer at the Sunday evening meetings at the ULT in Santa Barbara. They were later transcribed from the tape recordings to paper by the person in question; also, this person drafted some of the science sections of some Lead Articles, which Raghavan incorporated into his articles, after heavy editing. The claim that the student in question and not Raghavan Iyer is the author of the Lead Articles is manifestly false, as a person who worked alongside Raghavan in his office preparing all of the HERMES articles for print for many years is prepared to testify.

It is difficult to know precisely the reasons and the motivations behind the spurious claims of the HERMES deniers, but it goes along with their refusal to acknowledge that Raghavan Iyer was the accredited representative of the Brotherhood of Bodhisattvas for the 7th and last cycle of the "Seven Century Impulse", as it is known to many, and all that that position implies. One concludes that by raising doubt in the listener's mind about the "authenticity" of the HERMES Lead articles, as Raghavan named them, the theosophical deniers also appear to be hoping to raise doubts among students about the "position" of Prof. Iyer as the representative of the Mahatmas.

What these theosophical deniers are attempting to do is promote a falsehood by creating doubt about well-known facts: that Raghavan Iyer published each of the HERMES articles over his name (and therefore, authority) between 1975 and 1989 with the help of several students, and none of the deniers ever stepped forward during Raghavan's lifetime to contest the authenticity of the articles, although the same facts mentioned above were known to nearly everyone in the Santa Barbara group. This only became an issue for them when they sought to deny Raghavan's position in relation to Masters.

Every student of the Wisdom-Religion can be assured that the HERMES Lead Articles found only on the Internet at www.theosophytrust.org are the authentic Teachings of the Teacher of the 20th Century. One only has to read these remarkable essays and then judge for oneself as to their provenance.


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